An Ancient Tune (How to Rip off Leonard Cohen with the Best of Them)

from by APL

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Honey, You make it hard for me when we’re apart it’s just hard to be
Money, you run just as fast as you can, yeah you’re leaping out of my hand, out of my hand
Taxi, take me out of this world, All I want is me and my girl, me and my girl
My feet are feeling sore
and the subway is hotter than ever before,
Hallelujah that’s part of an ancient tune

Heartache, you are the worst of them all, somehow I’m always willing to fall, wiling to fall
It’s funny, knowing I’ll be dead in the ground, that won’t silence the sound
Somewhere down in Lincolns tomb
He strokes his beard as he listens to the
Hallelujah of an ancient tune

Hallelu, Hallelu, hallelu, Hallelujah

Judy, Don’t come to hear me play in the band, it’s music that you won’t understand, you won’t understand
Timmy, I know you worry about the money you owe, it’s better to be poor of the body then poor of the soul
One day when we all have a break
We’ll take the kids down to Waccamaw Lake
We’ll rent a canoe and sing that ancient tune

One day when this world’s gone
I’ll be looking for a song to hum
Hallelujah It’ll come as an ancient tune
One day honey you and I
will earn the keys to a better life, but not too soon

Hallelu, Hallelu, hallelu, Hallelujah
I’ll never know, where I’m gonna go, I’ll never know


from Ancient Tunes, released August 1, 2010


all rights reserved



APL North Carolina

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